Responsible and sustainable

Passionate about developing modern family homes and thriving communities

Together with our investment and development partners, we create long-lasting, energy-efficient homes and support sustainable neighbourhoods.

It’s all part of our belief that a safe and pleasant home lays the foundations for good family life and thriving community outcomes.

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Toward a better future for all

Our Energy-Efficient homes

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, it’s vital to ensure that housing remains affordable, sustainable and relevant. We’re committed to doing everything we can – from improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Ratings of our homes to sourcing easy-to-use products and advice to save our customers money.

Throughout the development stage, we strive to work with our development partners to source and procure extremely durable and long-lasting materials for sustainable homes long into the future.

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Our environmental responsibility

Living in an inclusive and sustainable community is hugely important to our customers and their families. It’s why all our houses have private back gardens and why we landscape streets to ensure they’re inviting. Indeed, nature can have a hugely positive impact on lives, so we’ve even encouraged wild seeding to support pollinators and provide shelter and breeding spots.

Our drive to create resilient communities means we also support and encourage local businesses near our sites.

Our Social Responsibility

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we’re dedicated to supporting the communities that we invest in. Living a more sustainable life and running a more sustainable home is high on our agenda.

We’ll help our customers by providing simple products and easy to follow advice that reduce energy and water usage in the home. What’s more, we recognise the importance of strategic partnerships which we do by supporting local charities and diverse local businesses.

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Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our plans are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as they provide a recognisable and proven framework that ensures that we have everything covered, whether we are measuring the impact of our activities, incorporating new methods of building or calculating our carbon emissions.

Through our Environmental and Social Responsibility commitments we are supporting 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals, and through our parent company Gatehouse Bank, a further 6 principles for responsible banking.

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