UK PRS II at a glance

The second fund launched by Gatehouse Investment Management successfully raised capital from the Kuwait Investment Authority.

The Fund has developed a portfolio of over 820 homes across ten sites, located in the North West and West Midlands via the formation of the DifRent platform. All homes within the portfolio will be in the top 10% in the UK for energy efficiency.

Through active asset management, the portfolio continues to perform strongly, benefitting from high occupancy and low active arrears.

Ascend Properties undertake the property management.


UK PRS in the spotlight

Gatehouse successfully raised £100m of sovereign wealth capital from The Kuwait investment Authority, to make further investments into the UK single-family housing market.

During its first growth phase, between 2015 and 2020, the Fund acquired 9 sites and over 750 units for UK PRS spread across Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and the West Midlands, and has recently moved to take advantage of further acquisition opportunities.

Gatehouse Investment Management established the DifRent platform to operate the portfolio and partnered with Ascend properties for property management.

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